About Aorei




The"AOREI Gene" - it is the set of aoreiens’cultural conceptsand living rules.


Like the genes of life, that is passed on as material basis.This "AOREI Gene" is a part of everything: From AOREI corporate culture to the smallest business vectors. Different gene segments and therefore different cultural qualities are carried within AOREI. They all have their ownform and through mutual interaction, express together the cultural identity of AOREI. These genes will surely be passed on in the AOREI culture. Biological genes are endless and are always having an effect. All organisms on earth were constructed from this living material. The genetic code of AOREI is uninterrupted and shines brilliantly everywhere: From this spirit that the company soul is lit.



Who said that consulting companies have to be formal and humble?Engaging in consulting is like engaging in scientific research? A western style, fashion and smart-wittedness are of the essence for AOREI.And refinement and atmosphere have been found by AOREI to be lacking in over 500 properties and offices worldwide. Therefore, the AOREI brand department is under strong pressure to ensure that every employee of the company works in accordance withour brand standards: From VI use to program formation, from mandatory work accessories to name card use or from business communication to dinner negotiations. You are by yourself representing the elegance and vitality of aoreiens.And an advice to the earth: If you want to get something rolling, get moved by the "AOREI style"!


Recycle Bin

Dozens of project staff members, dozens of computers, dozens of system recycle bins: Aoreien is good at pressing DELETE, but we can never easily press SHIFT DELETE. Therefore there is the monthly "Lostand Fond", where an invited senior management consultant will conduct a one-by-one appraisal. This allows the proposals already in a hopeless situation, to get a chance to re-emerge. And by making things difficult for a program that has already had its first chance; its writer can experience are birth if it gets a second chance! Those proposals finally labeled only mediocre,still have the opportunity to be retained permanently in the"Aoreipedia" or the "AOREI Knowledge Base". And by thestaff, the proposals there are continuously held in high esteem, as an inexhaustible resource for future programs.


First Chance

AOREI has a strange phenomenon: When your superior assigns a job to you, he usually does not tell you how it should be done. Instead, he will give you the opportunity to independently complete this assignment with regard to your individual ideas. Thus, the "First chance" concept is born. AOREI believes that every person has unique insights and a unique way of thinking,whether it is project communication or daily work. We are willing to give each person the opportunity to try and believe that independent ideas and practices have a reason to exist. If your approach is worthy of praise, of course it does not rule out the possibility of turning it into a work template. But if yourway is really dysfunctional, aoreiens will patiently tell you another, proper approach. Cherish such a "first chance". Everything could change because of you!


Intimate uncle

Project department colleagues have a multitude of roles: In the project they are consultants, they are teachers at the client-side, they are our colleagues in the company and when they stay somewhere, they share the troubles of others for a long time to come and thus, the‘intimate uncle’was born. In the monthly “Confidences of AOREI”,colleagues share their happiness, passing their warm feelings on.

浩睿辦公室里有個“老大哥”,正如小說《1984》里那樣,神秘而難以琢磨:從來沒人見過他,他卻對你了如指掌,甚至會把你的一言一行傳播給公司所有人,最可恨的是,他連一臺“忘卻爐”都不愿給你——浩睿人信仰團隊,拒絕單干,崇尚分享,鄙視孤傲,辦公室的每一份子都像“信息永動機”上的一顆螺絲釘,讓信息的交互與知識的流通生生不息,換來源源不竭的思維動力。THE BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!

Big Brother

The AOREI office has a "Big Brother" and as in the novel "1984" he is mysterious and elusive: No one ever sees him, bu the tells about you and you are well aware of it. What's more, your words and actions will spread as far as the company co-workers. The most hateful thing isThe Big Brother is not willing to give you a "secret furnace" -because aoreiens value the team, refusing to work alone, advocating participation and despising detachedness: Every part of the office is an element like a screw of a "perpetual-motion machine", allowing information exchange and keeping the knowledge circulation going, all to exchange the inexhaustible power of thought. THE BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!


AOREI Community

We at AOREI do not pursue rigid business norms and we do not envy beautiful decoration. In the AOREI living space, our work surroundings are a community and we do our work as residents of that community. Within the stage, your personality can roam free. Within the allow able range of our company’s' VIS, we hope that your previously dull and boring office area will change. In additionto pets, you can bring anything to the office: As long as we do not fear abreach of confidentiality, you could bask in the sun on top of the separator of your desk or take artistic pictures of yourself. As long as there are no changes in the buildings structure, we allow you to adjust the layout and color tone of your area. Of course, if you are prepared for unscrupulous"development" and your AOREI neighbors in their adjunct homes have the right to complain, know that AOREI inspectors are always waiting.


Virtual Team

AOREI has, in addition to the fixed and static business departments, also a great number of free, virtual organizations.They are full of energy and are unpredictable, but they embrace order and some build temporarily organizations. This ranges from the satisfaction of business demand to focus on product development, from business customer reception to the company's annual ceremony, from softcore to hardcore, from the woman marriedvia match-making to people at the low end changing themselves to high potentials- All of that can range from as short as one day up to one year. In thevirtual team, every team member can become a leader and may also have the complete right to choose his team members. (Of course, they have to give their OK.) Butdespite the short-term nature of these groups, their organization is not random. And it is exactly them that make AOREI a lot more mobile and effective in its struggle for customer satisfaction.



Gantt-Charts are a tool frequently employed for management consulting. Gantt-Charts symbolize clear goals and wide horizons. At AOREI,every co-worker has to learn the art of scientific planning. Because no matter how urgent your affairs are, you need to calm down for you to work through your tasks, in order to execute a reasonable plan. AOREI is a team that does things in a planned fashion. We do not fight a battle unprepared and we do not begin a project unplanned. Gantt-Chartsare leading us towards our goals and help us reach bench marks. From thelong-term planning to the short-term plan, every inch of the Gantt-Charts'scale left behind, represents aoreiens rigorous thinking and a lot of sweat. Oh,and I forgot to remind you: AOREI’s next target on the Gantt-Chart is to become China's most reliable consulting agency!


No Title Cards

Aoreiens’business cards are low-profile but gorgeous, just as the AOREI concept:coherent but open. The job title is not printed on the card? Why not? AOREI made it! Take a closer look at aoreiens' business card: It never tells you what he or she does in the company. There is only the clue of "Project Center" or "Marketing Center". Just these few little words are enough to let you judge AOREI is really aiming for collaborative teams. 'Worshiping leaders' or 'organizational class' does not work here. Principally, the ability of aoreiens to do things is the standard ....... this is AOREI. Here, you will understand what makes up an equal and skilled team.


Power Fund

As proponents of corporate reforms and -management, maintaining industry-leading expertise is at the core AOREI’s business strategy. To thisend, the so-called "Power Fund" was established, which aims to:Expand aoreiens’ intellects, broaden their horizons, keep their knowledge up-to-date and give them a global perspective. For our "AOREI Lecture" section, we invite high-paid industry experts, famous enterprise managers, as well as employees from consulting, power and other sectors of industry to learn about research and practical results. In the "Life Fund" section, we organize monthly networking events on a department or company level to expand the intellect of our fellow aoreiens. We want our employees always maintain good progress and a steady pace of growth.


The Vote

In this turbulent global situation of change and international political unrest,in this kind of environment, AOREI has kept a steady and unwavering stance on development.This was and is possible because of the successful democratic processes within the company. The AOREI VOTE, a true sense of a vote! They represent the democratic and open culture of AOREI. The company makes the final decisions,but it lives the obligation towards the colleagues to inquire about their opinions. From the field of large enterprise management or organizational change, to minor things like the taste of beverage or instant noodles,AOREI asks its employees. Only if you cast a vote, the company can be responsible for your votes. So, stay at AOREI and feel the breath of democracy,enjoy the supremacy brought by democracy - this is the right of every aoreien.



"For you, with me" - As AOREI’score value, this sentence is certainly no lip service. Within AOREI’s OAplatform, it is no wonder that the "Aoreipedia" is a big name.

AOREI encourages its employees to activelyparticipate in editing knowledge and news about industry dynamics and resultsor from the management front. And data about project implementation, thedocumentation of the processes and results, is also an important part. As forterm or keyword allocation to better collect, edit and sort entries, AOREIencourages other employees besides the author, to actively participate inupdating and organizing the articles. AOREI hopes that with the"Aoreipedia" a free flow and an open sharing of knowledge and valueswill be achieved. This will improve aoreiens understanding of management consultingand it will also create Infinite value for us to share, to bring to thecustomer.


Privilege Vouchers

Talking about privileges in front of the leaders? Thinking seriously?Are you out of your mind? Do you want to stay washed up in office forever? No,AOREI helps you, even if you are coming from the low end, to achieve privileges and promote your development. Implementation objectives: Enhance staffs workquality, enthusiasm and motivation; Target groups: All personnel; Access methods: Producing landmark pieces of work or winning internal contests; Way of use: See the privilege cards' rules of usage; Privilege vouchers types are: 10minutes late cards, the 10¥ lunch vouchers, SOHO day trips or a weekseat-shifting, a free pass on RICH article. At any time, in any place, you can pull out your privilege card, put your head slightly higher and show everyone proudly: I am in a position of power!


Reading Time

As amanagement consultant, are you overwhelmed by your workload every day? Whether you help customers seeking to solve their difficult problems but have not arrived at a solution to the problem, or whether you are busy at the keyboard:Do you have the feeling that you are neglecting life while you should seize it?Then there is an all the more simple solution for some of it! Because no matter how busy you are, every Thursday at four o'clock, the AOREI reading time awaits you. Every week, AOREI will assign reading material to all aoreiens: From professional to lifestyle topics, from emotional to physical health. Through targeted participation on these readings, you will be aware of the latest information about the industry without delay. Enjoy cutting-edge knowledge of the industry, profit from the energy of supplementary thinking.


Internal Games

Competition? These often only exist on the clients’ side, but aoreiens introduced them into the office. As a part of this company, you have to be prepared to deal with various competitions at all times. What keeps us going is the grand contest for our company to participate in the competition of the national economy but also the smaller contests of the departments in internal organizational competition. From news writing to case publicizing, from photography to video production training, from cooking demonstrations to singing and dancing, all the energy of aoreiens goes in these games. Prizes are not many, "  Privilege Voucher"suffice! Internal competitions enhance the company's development and intra-team cooperation and they also make aoreiens respond better to customer needs,furthermore we can succeed over the competition in business easily.



"Recorded maturity -cohesive culture". Aoreiens functioning as part of cultural exchange is acompletely new stage. The internal publication "RICH" has gained fans from the day of its release and has been closely observed by many dedicated readers. It started with advance orders, then the release, a huge sales demand,re-stocking, re-printing and then it went all over the top ......From JIA YUNTAI to DA DING, from the High-Tech-Zones to the JIU YAN BRIDGE, "RICH"is sufficiently competent to radiate a top-grade aura from the pile of publications for afternoon tea - in any of these locations. But "RICH"is also committed to promote the metabolism of office toilet. "RICH"appears everywhere it should, or in any corner it should not. Are theself-written works printed the publication not fun enough? Are you waiting for another to edit and change your fate, making you entangled in it? Are there attempts within the publication to include elements, which are legal but still would not be suitable for children? The internal publications editorial board invites you to join! As a member of the editorial board you determine the themes to be published, you decide on the content modules, you assess which articles are to be awarded and also regularly enjoy the exclusive services ofthe "Talkweb Fund".